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I had an interesting experience with this amino acid in the late 1940s with Dr.

Garnett Cheney, who at the time headed the Cancer Division of Stanford Medical School in Palo Alto, California, invited me to instruct him and other doctors on the proper way to juice. Cheney was in the process of researching the value of glutamine in healing stomach ulcers.

Selenium, considered an anti-aging mineral, promotes healthy looking skin and increase male potency.

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It also will keep in a cool, unheated room during the winter for several days.

To make it palatable, I always mix cabbage juice with other juices, usually carrot or apple.

The dead sulfur settles in the pockets of the stomach and causes extreme gastric distress.

is a good source of beta carotene, vitamin C, sulfur, and if grown in mineral rich soil, selenium, a trace element that plays a big role as a cancer-fighting agent as well as protecting against heart disease and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

He theorized that stomach ulcers might be precursors to colorectal cancer.

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