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Mom had a few boyfriends, but mostly it has been just the three of us. I have my own business and live just outside the city. "Oh I was thinking about something, but I couldn't say it out loud." My hand slipped to just below her armpit. And the covers had come completely down leaving her big tits exposed. Her eyes bore right into mine, and she held her breath waiting for me to answer.

Then you are a blimp that I would love to make love to any day of the week. You look twice as hot as any woman I have ever gone out with." Let me tell you a bit about us. When she was pregnant with my sister Gwendolyn, my dad decided to split. I had inadvertently, straddled her as I held her down. "I was thinking, what you must have thought when you opened the door and found me like that. Not only naked, but with clothespins attached to her nipples and pussy lips, and working a dildo in and out of her cunt." Mom looked at me with apprehension on her face.

Mom cried out but pushed her body up to bury me even deeper.

I knew that if I didn't stop dry-fuckin her I would cum. Mom was breathing hard, licking her lips with her tongue. She struggled for the briefest of seconds, then sighed and returned my kiss. In fact, as I slowly kissed and licked my way down her body, mom spread her thighs open. I didn't go right for her cunt, but let my tongue slide up and down her swollen lips.

" Mom's hips were bucking up to meet my downward pressure. "We really shouldn't do this." I looked at her and didn't say a word in return. I never let go of her wrist, and was not too surprised that she didn't struggle. And I breathed deeply, as my tongue traveled over her soft hair. She kept trying to maneuver my tongue to her clit, but I was determined to make her wait for it. But I would not let my tongue stroke her clit, and it was driving her crazy.

" But instead of giving her what she wanted, I slipped down even further and began to tongue the skin between her holes.

My hands reached up and grabbed her wrist, again pinning her to the bed. "I told you mom, I thought about coming in here and ‘Taking' you! And now, the tip of my dick was pressed into her warm, wet slit.

I let her wrist go, and used my fingers to spread her lips open wide.

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