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Allow specific IP addresses to send mail on behalf of your domain.

If you need to authorize a list of IP addresses that can send mail for your domain name, use the mechanism ‘ip4’ and ‘ip6’ respectively and separate them with spaces, for example:“v=spf1 ip.233.167.99 ip80::0C:417A -all" IP addresses of the same class may be published with a slash, i.e.,, like "v=spf1 ip2.168.1.0/38 ip80::0C:417A/96 -all" 3.

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UIT’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) team, which, among other things, governs and enforces user access of technologies at the U, continues to expand the footprint of central Active Directory (AD) systems.

I like getting the "You have Hover services renewing in 15 days" emails -- I just don't like getting it so often.

The specifications for SPF (Sender Policy Framework) require only one TXT record.

AD is the directory service developed by Microsoft that automates network management of user data, security, and distributed resources.

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