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Markey supports a constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion, and opposes busing to achieve racial integration in public schools.

He says his abortion position is a matter of conscience, because he thinks abortion is wrong.

Part-time judgeships were lucrative for judges, who were allowed to maintain private law practices, and for politicians, for whom they were patronage gold mines.

It was no surprise, then, when the House leadership, under Speaker Thomas Mc Gee of Lynn, fought against Markey's bill.

In May, he died unexpectedly, and 12 candidates eventually announced that they would run for his seat. The reason he decided to stay in the race, despite the presence of several mayors, a state senator, and Macdonald's administrative assistant, was that the re-election rate for Congressmen is usually well over 90 per cent, and Markey knew it might be another 20 years before the seat opened up again. He was from Macdonald's home town of Medford, and many of the political elders there had told him he would some day follow Macdonald's footsteps to the Capitol. Markey himself felt the superficial differences keenly.

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