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Models: alentar, encender , adquirir 148 Reading Exercise: — España.

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Gaspey, the ^'Franeosische Conversations-Grammati Jc," and the ^^German Conversation-Grammar" by Dr. It is a revised Edition of the excellent Spanish Oonyersation-Grammar by Charles Marquard Sauer, into which many alterations and modifications have been introduced. These are the most important innovations, but it should be pointed out that the entire scheme of the explanatory exposition has been co-ordinated and revised, and that the Exercises and Translations have been correspondingly altered and enlarged.

Emil Otto — have passed through 14 double editions, a result which plainly shows the value of the new method. The principal changes which may be noted are as follows: In Part I: Lesson 6th. Fuller treatment of the theory go- verning the Position of the Adjective. Detailed explanation of the Euphonic basis of the apparent irregularities in certain verbs. Discussion of the proper application of the Spanish Passive Voice, and of the restrictions to be observed in employing it. Recasting of the classification of the Irregular Verbs. Further, a large amount of new material has been introduced into the Reading Exercises in order to give the student a glimpse into the geography, the history, and the manners and customs of Spain and South America.

Model: pedir 163 Heading Exercise: — Diversidad de las Pro- vincias de España 166 38.

Models: nacer ^ crecer, co- nocer, lucir 159 conducir 160 Fourth Class.

My Italian Grammars, for English, French, and German pupils, have likewise been successful, and my new Spanish Grammar for Germans was so well received both by the critic and the public, that I have ventured to produce a Spanish Grammar for the use of English students. The Reading Exer- cises of the Second Part were selected from specimens of' the best Spanish authors given in the collection of Figuera Sy Barcelona 1857. Classification and Tabu- lation of the Augmentatives and Diminutives. Distinction between Possessive Ad- jectives and Possessive Pronouns. Some characteristic specimens of poetry and prose illustrative of the literature of the country, especially in its modern phases, are given both in the body of the work and in the two special chapters with which it concludes.

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