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As a result, the seats are left completely empty; even Fozzie's own cousin leaves; Fozzie departs the stage almost in tears.

"Jerry Juhl and Frank Oz gradually transformed Fozzie by building up the positive aspects of his personality.

In Jim Henson: The Works, Christopher Finch wrote: "One of the biggest problems [with the first season] was with Fozzie Bear.

As a kid, Fozzie was raised by his mom and dad, along with his baby brother Freddie.

Fozzie grew up right next door to his best friend Kermit and often spent time with his grandpa.

However, if Fozzie had never met Kermit, he would have ended up becoming a skilled pick-pocket (so good that he could pick the pocket of someone without pants).

However, according to The Great Muppet Caper, Fozzie and Kermit are identical twin brothers and share the same father. Fozzie has a cousin (who looks just like him) who appeared on The Muppet Show, but apparently he has no more respect for his relative's talent than anyone else.

"It was logical to have a comedian as a primary character on The Muppet Show, particularly once The Muppet Theatre had been established as its basic setting.

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