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while chatting a girl backed up to me and started rubbing my cock through my trousers then just walked off without a word or a glance. they were in double bed so they made us sleep on sofa but at opposite ends. i moved closer so i could slip fingers in fanny she was so wet she moaned out loud her mum asked if she was ok lol.

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Mates did get a shock in the lapdance club when they saw us in there funny think it made a cpl of them blush....i was on Worthing seafront near Goring fingering my g/f at the time.

We were trying to be discreet by staying by the huts.

She cum over my hand, then I felt my fingers slip out if her sticky hole, i turned around and both girls were disapearing away from the bar!! I never saw either of them the whole night after that. Mrs J was fingered by 2 other guys from Fab & me in the College Bar in Aberdeen.

There were too many fingers in her pussy so I actually slid a couple into her ass It was very funny as another guy completely was trying to chat her up as this was happening & apparently noticed nothing.

The husband wandered off to another table to play a card game and she asked me to play her chips for her.

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