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Zainab and Masood buy the local Indian restaurant, the Argee Bhajee, saying it is for Tamwar to run, but he does not want it.

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However, at the mehndi, Tamwar and Afia admit their secret marriage to the family (including Masood who turns up uninvited), and the couple begin living with each other at the Masood family home.

Afia reveals to Tamwar that it was Yusef that set Zainab on fire and not his family, and Tamwar loses trust in Afia. Tamwar returns and hears that Afia is in the bed and breakfast where a fire has broken out, so he enters to save her, but she is not inside.

They then decide against telling anyone as Tamwar's parents are facing financial difficulties.

However, when the new couple learn that Masood kidnapped Yusef and threatened him, this leads to Masood being banned from the couple's mehndi, causing a strain between Tamwar and his father.

A few days later, they go out to lunch, and Tamwar ends their brief romance.

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