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* Recently ati inscription of the second quarter of the fifth century A. Part III : The Index : Index of all words in the Inscriptions studied, with etymological notes.

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SUBJECT Preface An Abstract of the Thesis Chief Abbreviations, etc.

Nouns Adjectives Pronouns Numerals Derivative Nouns Composition Verbs Substantives derived from verbal roots Adverbs Conjunctions Word-order 109-163 164-174 175-181 181-184 184-185 186-192 193-215 217-219 220-222 223-227 227-245 PART IL The Text of the Inscriptions ...

Part II : -The Inscriptions : Text of the Inscrip- tions studied. a village about live miles to the north-west of Belur, Hassan District, Mysore State, S.

An attempt is made to explain the forms, wherever possible, in the light of chose in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Tulu ; and developments of some of the old Kanarese forms into the modern Kaaarese are noted* The last Chapter is devoted to remarks on the word-order.

Some S'aka Dates in Inscriptions by A, Venkatasubbiah.

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