Muslim bosnian dating

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We are dealing with "a failing and highly dysfunctional state," says political scientist Vlado Azinovic, co-author of the study, "The Lure of the Syrian War," which focuses on Bosnia-Herzegovina.The Velika Kladuša area -- not even 100 kilometers from the beaches of Croatia -- threatens to develop into a bridgehead for Islamist terrorists heading north, particularly with the help of guest workers radicalized in Austria, Germany or Italy.

Ibro's father Sefik, a 58-year-old casual laborer, regularly visits friends to recharge his phone.

Sefik lives in a hovel he built himself on the edge of the village of Donja Slapnica.

The area around Velika Kladusa, located directly across the border from EU-member state Croatia, is considered a hotspot for jihadist fighters, not least because of its economic struggles.

Even now, 20 years after the end of the war, unemployment among young Bosnians stands at 60 percent.

It was this aspect that led the late US diplomat Richard Holbrooke to refer to a "deal with the devil" when talking about the pact formed out of military necessity.

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