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According to the proportion of 1:3, 1 year in the panda world is equal to 3 years of human beings. The average life span of captive giant panda is 25-30.The world’s oldest panda is Jia Jia living in Hong Kong Ocean Park, who had her 38th birthday on Aug. This year Bing Bing is already 31-year-old, and we hope she could continue to be so healthy and lively. He addresses what it's been like dating Swift with all the press attention: "What have I learned about it?

The male panda keeper told the writer, Bing Bingis old, so we make a birthday cake for her, hoping that she could enjoy health and longevity.

With so much concern, the keeper seemed to talk about a kid he took care of for years.

BATTLE CREEK, MI -- A Kalamazoo man sentenced to probation for crawling into an Enbridge pipeline as an act of civil disobedience will face a judge this month after a social media post critical of Michigan Gov.

Rick Snyder's handling of the Flint water crisis resulted in an alleged violation. Wahmhoff, 37, will face Judge John Hallacy in Calhoun County Circuit Court on Feb.

The panda keeper said, in this way, Bing Bingcan effortlessly eat food by lying.

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