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“As I was on my knees and ready to kill myself…I suddenly just stood up like a robot and started walking to where my cows were.” His wife ran up to the farm just a short time later and found him milking his beloved cows.

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His wife and daughter were upstairs when they heard a heavy sound; it was Claude’s body hitting the ground after going into a coma.

They saved his life by calling the fire department; responders quickly revived him.

He says his doctor told him the cause was likely heavy exposure to pesticides without wearing proper protective gear.

Over the past few years Roze has often thought of suicide, but says his family and two daughters have kept him going. This November, Roze’s first cousin, who Roze says had often complained about the incessant presence of officials sent by either Paris or Brussels to ensure regulations were followed, killed himself using his hunting rifle.

“It is our families that allow us to continue to move forward,” he adds.

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