Single dubai dating

by  |  03-Jul-2017 01:22

One date decided to invite two of his friends and a girl he fancied along for the evening, another guy stalked her for two months, while the man she was engaged to decided to join the army... “I still have hope I’ll meet someone, but it fades every day,” she says.

Over the years I have formulated all kinds of theories as to why Dubai seems to have a lack of men who are willing to commit, so I decided to try to find a more definitive answer.

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But it’s not just the women who are unlucky in love.

Dubai-based Antreas Constandinou, a 27-year-old Greek insurance broker, says he’s had his fair share of disastrous dates, and thinks it’s unfair to point the finger only at men.

“When people have too many choices they can end up feeling more overwhelmed and less likely to commit because they always have one foot out the door to meet someone better,” says Dr Afridi.

She also believes that there’s a larger contextual issue behind our inability to commit.

So, what is the answer for women who are looking to meet someone special?

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