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The insurance offered here is a budget cover designed to cover essential medical, hospital and evacuation / medical repatriation costs for most situations travellers are likely to encounter.It is not a comprehensive holiday insurance package nor does it offer some of the fancy and-ons such as public liability insurance which other policies do.

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Solomon Islands produced a beneficial ownership roadmap in December 2016.

Among its key features are the creation of a central data base that will host all data on beneficial owners of mining companies, and the proposal to require companies to include the names of their beneficial owners in the reports they file with regulatory agencies.

The following documentation laid the basis for the Board's decision, attached below: - Report on Initial data collection and stakeholder consultation [English]- Comments from the national secretariat [English] - Validation Report EITI responsibilities: Support to EITI implementation and outreach in Asia.

Prior to joining the EITI in 2009, Dyveke worked for Xstrata Nickel in the Dominican Republic and at the Center for Development Studies at the University of Agder.

Equally cover is offered at around one third to one half the price of the comprehensive policies.

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