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Its physical manifestation is played by English actor Matt Smith in the 2015 film Terminator Genisys, in addition, actors Ian Etheridge, Nolan Gross and Seth Meriwether portrayed holographic variations of Skynet with Smith.

In The Terminator, Skynet was a computer system developed for the U. military by the defense company Cyberdyne Systems, designed by Miles Bennett Dyson and his team.

Skynet was originally built as a "Global Information Grid/Digital Defense Network", and later given command over all computerized military hardware and systems, including the B-2 stealth bomber fleet and America's entire nuclear weapons arsenal.

The strategy behind Skynet's creation was to remove the possibility of human error and slow reaction time to guarantee a fast, efficient response to enemy attack.

The events of Judgment Day were ultimately not prevented, but merely postponed.

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