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After a rousing dance number with his minions, the wizard agrees to make it snow in Southtown only if his stepbrother, who controls the weather in that part of the world, will allow it.

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As it begins to snow in Southtown, Santa finds out that some people still believe in him and in the spirit of Christmas after all, especially when the world's children decide they will make presents for him since he plans on taking a holiday; the children's decision sets off headlines around the world.

One little girl is especially sad to miss Santa on Christmas Eve, and she writes that she'll have a "Blue Christmas." Touched by all the evidence he has seen of caring and generosity, Santa decides to pack the sleigh and make his Christmas Eve journey after all, including a public stop in Southtown, where the mayor dedicates Santa Claus Lane just in time for Santa to parade down the streets of town.

Santa Claus has fallen ill and hurt and doesn't quite feel like making his annual Christmas Eve trek.

Under the recommendation of his doctor, Santa decides to issue a press release to announce that Christmas was cancelled so that he may take a holiday. Claus assigns two elves named Jingle Bells and Jangle Bells with a task.

The elves soon arrive in a city called Southtown, somewhere in the United States of America, but their troubles are far from over, as they receive a court summons from a local cop for committing numerous violations.

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