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My friend Sue and I had an extra day in Chartre and really enjoyed the shopping there. We all felt this was one of the best uses of a quarry EVER!

Beside the wonderful experience at the cathedral of course. " This was our third Rick Steves tour, and it was our favorite. There were no grumps and everyone was friendly and fun to be with.

We visited Rouffignac Cave in the morning, fulfilling a lifelong dream to actually be in the presence of the ancient cave art made famous by the discovery of Lascaux.

After lunch in the sun at La Roque-Gageac, a little vertical town squished between soaring cliffs and the Dordogne River, we boarded canoes (my first time) and drifted down the river for what, in retrospect, I like to think of as all afternoon." Everything went smoothly as advertised.

The rest of your day is free to explore the town, or to learn more about the art of creating stained glass. You'll have some free time in the charming town of Amboise, where you could visit the home of Leonardo da Vinci (even grab a little lunch there) and study working models of the Renaissance Man's cleverest inventions. This morning we'll drive east through the scenic Languedoc-Roussillon region.

This afternoon we'll visit the elegant, river-straddling Château de Chenonceau, where we'll learn about royal life in France, with free time to roam through the château's opulent interior and gardens. We'll spend our morning visiting the Château de Villandry, famous for its remarkable "themed" gardens, inspired by water, music, love, and more. Afterward, your guide and driver will take you on a little excursion around the Loire Valley, returning to Chinon in the afternoon. Our destination is the Dordogne, a sublime region of fortified hill towns, caves, and meandering streams. This morning we'll drive south, crossing the scenic valleys of the Lot and Tarn Rivers as we make our way to Europe's largest fortified city: delightfully medieval Carcassonne. We'll stop at a winery en route to drink from the bounty of France's largest wineproducing region.

I had no idea this existed and was overwhelmed by the history and walking through this village.

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