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This may sound like a plea from a shameless scandal-merchant for more grist, but it is actually an honest question: what makes that information privileged?

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Juanita Broaddrick, now a 73-year-old grandmother, came forward that year to claim that Clinton had assaulted her in an Arkansas hotel room in 1978 - an accusation his lawyers said was 'categorically false'.

Richard Jo Ronald Kessler's 'The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents,' excerpts of which were obtained by the New York Post's Richard Johnson, makes the claim.

Or John Mc Cain cursing at his wife (also in public)? As is staffers calling Elizabeth an abusive "crazywoman." This is because a less reputable news organization forced John to admit to some of it? What possible code of journalistic ethics declares that you should leave that detail out for propriety's sake while including literally every other thing in this book?

Or are we really missing something totally obvious that separates that tawdry tale from Bill's illicit romance? If this is the path you're going down (and, honestly, our hatred for Mark Halperin aside we have no problem with this path! Halperin and Heilemann supposedly conducted all their interviews on "deep background," Woodward-style.

They tried to make contingency plans for “domestic violence” they expected Hillary to inflict on Bill but mostly just crossed their fingers and hoped they’d never have to deal with it.

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